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Thai Yoga Massage


 thai yoga massage

bulletDeeper Relaxation

bulletCirculatory Problems

bulletStress and Tension

bulletDepression and Anxiety

bulletDigestive Disorders

bulletRespiratory Problems

bulletLower Back Pain


bulletNeck/Shoulder Pain



Thai Yoga Massage originates from the Ayurvedic tradition in a Buddhist context of  “the physical application of loving kindness”. Thai Yoga is as effective in back pain, posture & mobility issues as it is in emotional & psycho-spiritual healing.  

‘Sen Lines’, similar to the ‘Nadis’ of Ayurvedic tradition, or the ‘Meridians’ of Chinese Traditional medicine are stimulated through palming, acupressure, joint mobilisation, passive stretches, assisted Yoga postures & breath. This assists the body & mind in its natural tendency towards self healing & balance. 

 thai yoga massage

Thai Yoga is performed on a futon on the floor with the client wearing loose fitting comfortable clothing.

Treatments typically last 1hour 30mins producing a deeply relaxed, toned & meditative state. No previous Yoga experience is necessary & it is suitable for all ages, fitness & ability levels as the practitioner will use ‘mindfulness’ to assess adequate stretch and ease of posture for the individual.




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