Spiritual Healing


 spiritual healing

spiritual healing Reduces Stress

spiritual healing Helps depression

spiritual healing Increases self esteem

spiritual healing Prevent energy drain

spiritual healing Gives a sense of   peace 

spiritual healing Strengthens the body, mind and spirit

spiritual healing Restores Harmony

spiritual healing Clears out unwanted thoughts such as anger and resentment


What to expect in your 90 minute session.

This therapy aims to treat the whole person on all levels strengthening the mind, body and spirit restoring harmony on all levels.

Michelle our Psychologist and Energy Healer will start the sesssion discussing areas of your life that you feel may require some healing. Together you will look at areas of possible change and examine the thinking patterns and belief systems attached to the areas that need healing.


The information gained from this initial session will then be used during the Energy Healing session using a combination of Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing to re-balance the energy in your body and help release any mental and physical blockages.

Michelle is an intuitive healer and often picks up emotional and physical message during the session which will be discussed after.

If you have any question about this treatment or any others please email us.



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