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Sound Therapy


sound therapy

Traditionally sound therapy also known as Psychoacoustics refers to a range of therapies using sound to treat physical and mental conditions. The most common sound therapy is music therapy involving a person listening to music for conditions such as stress and muscle tension.

At BlissKi as well as using sound to induce relaxation, sound is also used in a different way. Though sound is used as relaxant is may also be used to discover deeper unconscious memories and reveal to us information about ourselves. When a sound is played we hold very personal connections to each sound. For example the sound of children playing in a playground may bring for one a happy memory of fun playtimes at school and for another produce a sad memory of unpleasant times. These triggers can help us to uncover possible areas of our past that have infiltrated into our present thoughts, beliefs and responses. In unlocking these memories and bringing them into our conscious mind other counselling methods such as CBT can then be used to help change any negative thoughts that may be attached to the sounds affecting our present life.

Sound therapy is not used on its own and is used where clients have particular trouble identifying any underlying issues or find putting things into words and discussing painful memories difficult.

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