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Senior Massage


 senior massage


bulletSkin care

bulletAssists relaxation

bulletEases Depression

bulletImproves flexibility

bulletRespiratory Disorders


Gentle massage can be used to soothe conditions such as muscle stiffness and soreness, loss of flexibility, arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and help with respiratory disorders such as asthma and emphysema. But, perhaps most important of all, for elderly people who have lost their partners and live alone, massage provides the sense of nurturing that comes from being gently and respectfully touched. Elderly people with Alzheimer’s or who have had a stroke and find it hard to communicate verbally benefit greatly from massage.

Health practitioners often recommend massage for their elderly patients because of the good benefits which are helpful in a number of ways as follows:

· For Improving Circulation
Massage therapy can actually help to improve circulation in the elderly. According to Northwestern University, massage therapy helps to stimulate blood and lymph circulation and this helps to deliver fresh oxygen to the muscles around the lower leg and feet. In addition, this can help to flush out waste products that might linger in these areas. Also, improved circulation can also help to improve blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Massage can also help an elderly person an alternative way to maintain control of medical conditions, such as diabetes, that can sometimes be hard to manage on their own.
  Reduced swelling from excess water retention. Massage gently moves fluid into circulation system where it can be eliminated helping to reduce swelling of excess water retention. 

·  For Improving skin care 
With age, the skin becomes thinner, losing its elasticity. Massage has a two-fold benefit: it increases the circulation, "feeding" the skin by bringing more nutrients to it in the bloodstream, and the oils used in massage soften the skin. Massage and essential oils can also help to heal ulcers and to relieve other skin conditions that may occur with age.

· For Improving Relaxation
Massage helps to give residence more restful sleep and reduces muscle tension. This increases comfort and deepens sleep.

· For Easing Depression
Depression can plague the elderly as they age. Depression may become so severe that it can interfere with daily activities and the enjoyment of life. The elderly can experience depression related to deaths of loved ones, decreased mobility or isolation. Massage therapy offers an alternative way to help treat this sometime According to the National Library of Medicine, massage can help to improve stress and tension and this can have direct emotional benefits. Massage therapy can also stir strong emotions for the recipient of the massage. This release of emotions can help to improve psychological distress and depression. According to the National Library of Medicine this release of pent up emotion is caused when a hormone called oxytocin is released from the body during massage.


·For Improving Flexibility

     Aging can bring about problems with mobility and flexibility. As a result, the elderly sometimes have more difficulty performing normal daily tasks. Some elderly even suffer from medical conditions like arthritis and this can add to the difficulty of performing hobbies that they love doing or their daily chores. Massage therapy can help an elderly person to keep their joints from becoming stiff and unmanageable.

Massage for the elderly, very frail or modest clients can benefit just as much from a foot, hand or face massage as they might from an all-over body massage. It’s important to make sure that the therapist is told about any medication the elderly client is taking.




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