Energy Healing

"Michelle is an awesome and gifted practitioner emitting warmth and harmony the second you step in to the essential oil infused treatment room. She takes the time to listen to whatever is unbalancing your mind and body before the treatment commences.
It truly is a spiritual experience with healing powers as I leave feeling positive, calm with a sense of hope, having regained equilibrium."
Tori Smith - Woolwich 
 Energy Healing

Energy healing is a wonderful form of holistic healing working on your mind, body and spirit.

Energy Healing is a non-invasive gently way to assist healing using the Ki (universal life force energy) that flows through everything.

Unbalanced energy fields can be created during emotional or physical disease. Energy healing helps to balance these energy fields and unblock energy channels, allowing the energy to flow freely through the body to aid healing to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Michelle is a Psychologist and Intuitive Energy Healer and has been using Energy Healing for over twenty years. Using the Japanese Byosen technique Michelle is able to scan the body and sense any imbalance in her hands.

These imbalances can cause physical or emotional illness. Various techniques are used to restore balance and release blockages, restoring the bodies own strength and ability to heal.

 reiki  Reiki 
chakra Chakra Balancing
 cystal therapy Crystal Therapy
 spiritual  Spiritual Healing

If you would like to have a chat with me about Energy Healing or if you have any questions please feel free to email me and I will give you a call.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

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