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creative therapy

Talking therapies can sometimes feel too challenging. By using creative methods and the imagination a new dimension can be offered. The pressure is taken off finding the right words to convey a feeling or a thought and it is not necessary to talk in detail about painful experiences. You can use images and artwork to speak it for you.

Creative therapy can consist of using  clay, sound, sand, textures, symbolisms or simply the images that are in your head to help the therapist to understand your inner world and experiences. Sessions can be spent talking or using other creative methods and is always your free choice.

You do not need to be artistic in any way to express yourself or participate in creative therapy. Although, everyone has a creative side, often they have not been encouraged to use it in everyday life.

Creative therapy is suitable for anyone and can help with many issues. It can help you to understand and resolve hidden conflicts. Assist you to express hidden feelings without the need for putting it all into words which can sometimes be difficult and painful. You can talk as much or little as you like.

Creative therapy is not used on its own and is used where clients have particular trouble identifying any underlying issues or find putting things into words and discussing painful memories difficult.

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